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Ellen Wille


The lovely Diana mono wig by Ellen Wille has a light lace front which allows for a very natural hairline and it is constructed with a monofilament cap. The Diane is of short length, with easy to manage long layers with a side parting falling to one side. It comes in an array of super subtle tones all of the finest quality synthetic fibre hair. I...


The Dublin Plus wig is a straight, short modern wig by Ellen Wille. It is a popular style with a monofilament parting. This is great because it allows the parting to fall natural in to place. The wig itself has nice long layers tailored in to the nape of the neck and slightly around the ears with lovely light wispy...


The Elba Mono wig by Ellen Wille is a super chic style that is short and stylish. It has a monofilament top which guarantees extra comfort and is light and comfortable.


I love the Elba wig by Ellen Wille It is a modern short style constructed with a wefted cap for comfort. The very lovey looking synthetic fibre wig has long and short layers with wisps falling around the nape,sides and fringe area.Go for the Elba wig as it has a real natural appearance to it.


The Fata wig by Ellen Wille is one of my best sellers. It is a short, stylish wig with a casual layered finish and is made from superb quality synthetic fibre. It is such a popular everyday style that blends perfectly with modern day living, both easy to take care of and  easy to put on. When it comes to short sharp wigs...


The ever popular Fauna Mono wig by Ellen Wille has always been popular because it is such a timeless well fitted wig. It is both very sophisticated and very lady like.  It has the ever comfortable monofilament cap with wefted tresses. Again the use of synthetic fibre is of the highest quality, so offering the most natural looking wig possible on the...


The Febe Deluxe wig from Ellen Wille is a classic short  wig that comes in great quality synthetic fibre hair and offers a ranges a beautiful colour tones both mixed or rooted. It is completely hand made with hair being hand tied to the very light cap. It is so light that you will not even feel as though you are...


The Febe wig by Ellen Wille comes in the basic wefted cap or the deluxe cap. Please read up on the Deluxe on my Hair Wigs Go site. The Febe is a short,  popular classic style in synthetic fibre using the finest quality hair available. It is also completely natural and carefree and as light as a breeze.


The Festa Mono by Ellen Wille is a super modern style which is right up to date on cut and fashion. The Monofilament cap offers that little bit of extra luxury. It is very soft and light with a breathable cap . This extravagant, asymmetrical cut is short and sleek with a wonderful , long trendy fringe.


This wefted version of the Festa wig by Ellen Wille is just a pretty as the mono Festa.  The hair is the same, great variety of mixed tones, but your purchase will be decided by your wig cap preference and comfort. Hair Wig Go is just a call away to answer all your questions.


The Strada wig by Ellen Wille, comes in the basic cap and the Strada Mono lace. The Strada wig is constructed with a mono top to allow for extra breath and comfort and finished with a wefted cap. It is a wonderful , short all time fashionable wig. Trendy on cut, yet quite classical at the same time. The short,...