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Knowledge Book

Buying a wig

Hair Wigs Go has so many amazing wigs and colours that it can make you dizzy thinking about it. Well, rest assured we make wig buying a simple solution.

1st Step

Style - most newbies to wig wearing like to go with a similar style to your own. You will be pleased to know Hair Wigs Go have lots and lots of great styles similar to your own. You can decide to go down the similar style and colour route or go for a completely new look! Changes are always amazing as your confidence grows.

Just click on short, medium or large wigs and ping, lots of super styles will appear. With all the amazing colours close by.

2nd Step

Out of great interest practically ALL wigs are of average wig cap size. Why? Because all wigs have hidden adjustable wig caps fitting inside the wig. As these are adjustable you can adjust your wig to tightening it or loosening it. Nearly ALL of our customers purchase average. To check if I am correct what you do is measure your head!

How do I measure my head?

Take a soft tape measure

Measure the circumference of your head - from the hairline - behind the ear, around the nape and then back to the front hairline again. SIMPLE as eating chocolate.

Cap Size Circumference
Petite/ Average 21”-21.5 (54.6cm)
Average 22”(55.8cm)
Large 23”(58.4cm)

3rd Step

What’s a wig made of?

Hair Wigs Go wigs come in different wig construction.

Let me explain. All wigs general look amazing on the outside, but when you look inside the wig will be built or constructed or made to become a wig.

Please view the wig construction chart below:

Hair Wigs Go sells all of the wig caps available on the market today. Having provided so many wigs made from all different wig constructions I can honestly say the monofilament and 100% hand tied wigs are fantastic.

Fantastic because they demonstrate natural appearances, soft material, can part either side and lightly are constructed. So, giving off that extra natural appearance.

The wefted wig is usually cheaper and can be slightly fuller than the other wig caps. They are pre-teased at the roots so creating a lifted look.This is a traditional wig cap type that is not as soft as monofilament, handtied or lace fitted. But always great on price and usually has more styles and colours available.

The lace fronted wig is fabulous as it creates a natural hairline and is quite delicate giving a super soft natural hairline.

*Extra Note

Wigs are sometimes a combination, so you may read wefted wig with a monofilament parting.

Step 4

Synthetic or human hair?

Does human hair look better?

Human hair is what it is, human hair but it also has a lifespan. Fibre hair also has a lifespan too!